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Nobu Restaurant Budapest escort

Nobu restaurant Budapest (sushi bar, gourmet )

The fans can enjoy Japanese Cuisine in Budapest in Central Europe Nobuyuki Matsuhisa at the first world-famous chef specialties!
NOBU is a luxurious restaurant in the heart of Budapest, located in the building of the five star hotel named Keminski, which again is located between Vaci Utca and the Elisabeth Square.
If you want delicious food, and especially fishfood, at high prices this is the place to go. If you have never heard of NOBU, this is probably not the place for you. But, if you are a big NOBU fan, then you for sure better visit the NOBU restaurant in Budapest as well.

Déryné Bistro Budapest escort

Déryné Bistro Budapest (international)

Landmark bistro since 1914, opened originally as Aguszt Jozsef’s famous Patisserie, Deryne since 1951.
Open for warm breakfast, espresso and fresh house pastries.
Classic short brasserie menu with simple local and french favorites.
House bread and pastries available for take-out from our in-house bakery.


Robinson restaurant Budapest escort

Robinson (international)

The Robinson restaurant opened its doors in 1989 on the small island of gastronomy, the City Park Lake, Heroes ‘Square is a few minutes’ walk away.

We have still not written anbout Robinson Restaurant in Budapest. But it might be worth knowing that Robbie Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Redford, David Bowie, Sylvester Stallone, David Copperfield, Mia Farrow and Jean-Claude van Damme has visited this restaurant as they have been in Budapest.

Wasabi japanese restaurant Budapest escort

Wasabi (asian)

If you would like to eat sushi then go to Wasabi. The food is exported to assembly line, so that you eat and drink what you want (such as coconut milk or Japanese beer). The menu, of course, other types of Japanese cuisine can find outside of sushi



Onyx restauran Budapest escort

Onyx (gourmet)

Rightly classified among the top five Hungarian restaurant. At lunchtime, 12:00 to 14:30. between the menu system works. Compared to the elegance of space it can be very inexpensive lunch. Hungarian cuisine is characterized rethought. High-food restaurant culture, combined with a very nice interior design and courteous, careful service.

In the same building where you can find Gerbeaud, you can also find a very nice and elegant restaurant, Onyx. They serve delicious food, in a very nice environment. The price are not the lowest, but you can find more expensive restaurant as well around town. Be sure to notice that the entrance to Onyx is from the Harmincad Street.

Gundel restaurant Budapest escort

Gundel (hungarian)

Today famous because of its owner Ronald Lauder and George Lang, this is one of the most popular eating places in Budapest, though mostly among tourists. We warn you beforehand, it has high prices, and some people debate the quality of the dishes, but still its well known among all tourists. It helps out serving every year at the Formula 1celebration and it served the pope when he visited Pannonhalma.

Among its famous dishes you can find the Gundel Pancake. This is a pancake with a filling enriched with rum, raisin, lemon rind and walnuts, served with a chocolate sauce – somewhat fried in the oven and flambéed upon request

Spoon the boat restaurant Budapest escort

Spoon the boat (cafe and lounge)

Spoon has a brilliant location in Budapest as it is located on a boat on the Danube, and looking out the windows you can see the beautiful castle, Gellert Hill, Chain Bridge and other attractions. From the mens room you can even watch the castle while using the urinals.

The food at Spoon tastes good, but we felt as if the portions were a little bit small compared to the price. The menu at Spoon contains mostly special courses, so for families with picky children it might be hard to find something that the children will like. What we enjoyed the most at Spoon was the desserts (we ate a Brownie a’ la Spoon and Cinnamon flavoured apple rings in pastry coat with homemade nut ice cream). Pictures can be seen below!

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