Frequently Asked Questions

Are the photos real?
We work with a selection of ladies who are 100% original and recent images. We guarantee that you will meet the same lady, as you can see my pictures.

How to book a lady?
Longer appointments, meetings or travel is the best way to use the online booking form on the booking page.
You can place your reservation by e-mail, SMS or phone. The reservation we will need your name, phone number, address (hotel room number., Zip code, address, etc), the date and time of the meeting, so that we can confirm your booking as soon as possible.

You would like to have a lady in short time (quick call)?
Some of our ladies are available within a short period of time. We recommend that you book a minimum of 1 or 2 hours earlier, but there is no guarantee that the lady you want to be available at that time.

How many hours must you send a request in advance?
In general, we recommend that you send booking the afternoon, even the late-night meeting. Or days before and on the day of the meeting we/you will give the further instructons.

Does the ladies travel to meetings?
Yes, the ladies are pleased to accompany you during your holiday. The minimum length of meetings in Europe travel is beyond 12 hours, minimum 2 days oustside of Europe.

Do you need to send a deposit for the journey?
No, we never need down payment. The only thing we need from you is to arrange for a return ticket. You will pay the price of the seat directly in front of the lady in the total amount of the meeting.

What payment methods do you accept for girls?
The girls will only accept cash. This should be a partner in the first fifteen minutes. This shows the attention and sincerity and allows you to enjoy your time together worry free.
Do not worry if she calls us when it arrives, it’s just to let us know he had arrived safely and you are satisfied with your choice.
Please note that we can not accept payment by credit card.
We accept euro, dollar.
Please contact us for daily rates.

Some of the prices are a bargain?
In a word, no, no.

Discreet service? Can I trust the girls?
As if it is written in the policy, Privacy First! We only need your personal data (name, phone number, address, etc.) capturing and processing the reservation. After his appointment was set up, your data will be permanently deleted. She will never use the telephone number of the office will use it only.
Your data will be permanently deleted. She will never be the telephone number of the office handles only.

This is all legal? I am breaking the law?
Yes it’s legal, and no, it is certainly not breaking the law. We simply introduce you to the individuals who spend their time surcharge you. As for the girls, when you are in business and yours – nothing to do with us. As for you until you pay someone under the age of 18 to an escort for yourself, it’s all right. Every lady is certainly over 18 years and have provided us with documented proof of age.

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