1h 180 euro
2h 280 euro
3h 380 euro
4h 440 euro
5h 500 euro
6h 550 euro
12h 700 euro
24h 1000 euro
48h 1500 euro
Every additonal day +500 Euro

Additional services
Please note that there are a possibility for extra services, these are not automatically included in the above prices. Please contact us for additional service needs, and we are happy to give you the best rate for it.

Traveling Costs
Appointments are free but only in Budapest.
If the girl stays longer than 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours then there will be an extra fee for that.
Outside of Hungary we need to use a return flight to the ladies above fees.

If you would like to arrange a flight back ticket for the lady, please note that you must buy an e-ticket (electronic ticket usually sent an email with a reference number) or you have a prepaid ticket to the she can pick up at the airport before departure.

Please send us your flight date and time to confirm, and provide you with more details so you can buy your ticket. You do not need money in advance, you only need a ticket for the lady. You can pay the lady at the airport when you arrive, and you can see her. All the girls will fly from Budapest Airport.